Joshua Tree Real Estate 101

Time: Saturday 3 – 5pm

Location: Joshua Tree Community Center

Each workshop is limited to 20 people

May 14, 2016 — $45
sold out

Jun 11, 2016 — $45
sold out

July 9, 2016 — $45
sold out

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Comments from Workshop Participants:

“Extremely helpful”

“It was very comprehensive. I felt like it answered most questions about the complexities of building/renovating in the Joshua Tree area as well as the common issues one could face in the process such as market climate, logistical concerns, and politics of the county permitting process.”

“Very concrete practical info”

“Geat value at a great price”


“I loved getting the real-life tips on how to connect with available properties. I also loved the short historical account of JTree!”

“Concise! Excellent info, organization and pics!”

Description: Join us in Joshua Tree to learn the basics of buying a fixer-upper homestead cabin, distressed house or even raw land.* This workshop is perfect for those of you looking for your dream project — a vacation, retirement or full-time home in the desert. Come even if you’ve already bought something—you’ll get insight and ideas to help you get the most out of your new property.

In this introductory 2-hour workshop, we’ll cover purchasing — including direct-from-owner, and County “tax sale” auctions — as well as the challenges and opportunities of renovation in the desert. You’ll come away with immediate action items, and we’ll do a Q&A at the end of the session so you can ask questions related to your unique situation.

Live your Joshua Tree dream!

*Note: We’ll focus on finding cash-only deals well under $100k in the hi-desert areas of north Joshua Tree, Coyote Valley, Landers, Flamingo Heights, Wonder Valley and 29Palms.

Instructor: Stephanie Smith is founder of JT Homesteader, one of the area’s most successful vacation rental businesses. She studied architecture at Harvard (M.Arch 1997), and currently owns seven properties in the Coyote Valley area of Joshua Tree, debt-free. She’s been buying and developing real estate since 2002.




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